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Has anyone lost weight on prednisone

I'm almosf six months post transplant and being a gussi pig, I've put two stone on due to the prednisolone. Has anyone lost weight on steroids.
I have Lupus and vasculitis have tried azathioprine (liver function went barmy) Has anyone out there been put on CellCept for scleroderma? . I was on prednisone for 10 years and I had weight gain (which is tough when.
Chemotherapy may directly or indirectly cause weight gain or weight loss. Steroids can cause fat deposits to develop (often between the shoulder blades). If you have lost 5 or more pounds in a week, you should notify your doctor or health.

Also pain management helps. Will see how it goes! And please read my Disclaimer. There haa many many people out there on the same meds your doctor wants you to try. Prednisone is a corticosteroid that causes weight gain from not only an increased appetite but fluid retention and redistribution of fat. I do feel a lot better in myself,I would give yourself sometime before having any surgery and just see how your body changes.

Has anyone lost weight on prednisone - you seek

If you are on a hig dose, you will probably not be able to lose weight. Still, I stayed at home. There is another weird fat deposit round our midriff. I am now off of it since starting Humira injections but I think the predisone helped me more then anything else I have ever taken. Tennison in her prime... Anything seems possible with this drug. I started the Folic Acid about a week before the Methotrexate.

Would appreciate any tips or advise. Please c on tact me if you have this illness. If you like bieng sick go with the methtrexate. Martha wrote: I have MS and taking Copaxone. All i could say is ask alot of question to your doctor or doctors because it doesnt ob to get more than on oppinion.


How To Lose Weight Gained From Steroids

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